Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Eighteen

Today was the rescheduled kids' Christmas party at Adam's work.  Unfortunately, Adam couldn't go, so Nan came with me and the kids.  It was the same old net, jumping mat, crafts and colouring.  Harrison and Ella both had fun...Benny seemed indifferent.


Even Santa showed up!  He knew all the kids' names (which really impressed Ella) and where they live.

 Ella was pretty hesitant to go and talk to Santa, but she insisted we take Benjamin over to meet him.  Of course she wouldn't talk, so I was caught in an awkward conversation.

Harrison had the most fun running around after his pal Carson.  He had a little trouble keeping up...

...but he did okay.  Luckily there was a ton of room in the cafeteria where the party was held, for the kids to run around.

After Santa made the rounds, he sat down by the tree and gave each child a gift.  Harrison amazed me by going right over and sitting on Santa's knee. 

Benjamin also sat with Santa, but Ella would have no part of it.  I held her hand and took her over to get her gift...there's no picture!

Before we packed up to go home, Ella decorated (and gobbled up) a gingerbread cookie.  These little guys sure put my cookies to shame - they had a bit more meat on their bones.

We were glad the party worked out after the previous week's snow day - it's  great tradition for the kids!

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