Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Eleven

Our plans for day eleven were shut down when the school buses were cancelled.  We were supposed to go to Adam's work party for kids, so instead we had our very own 'snow day' at home.  That's right, Ella got to stay home even though she's a walker.  It was very exciting!

The kids decided to stay in their pyjamas for most of the morning, but that didn't stop Ella from dressing up.  She chose a too-small winter vest and matching toque.  The toque quickly was replaced by a Santa hat.  Our first activity of the day was to play 'Santa and reindeer'.  I had to be the reindeer. 

No joke - Ella had me sit on the floor in front of her while she sat on the foot stool and pretended to fly around the world.  I tried to get a picture of her pulling on the reigns.

She made a few stops to deliver gifts to all her friends around the living room...

...these friends got a sword and a Drizella figurine.  Lucky kids!

This all happened before morning snack.  The kids wanted to watch a show while they ate their snacks...and by kids, I mean Ella, Harrison and all the stuffies and dolls we own.

By nap time, I was getting a little annoyed with the 'snow day' we were having.  The problem?  There was no snow!  It was a bright and sunny day - until about 1:30pm.  I even took this picture to make fun.

But then about ten minutes after I took the first picture, the wind picked up a bit...

...three minutes after that the snow came, and it didn't stop for several hours.  Buses cancelled - fair enough.

While Harrison was napping, I let Ella do my hair...

...I'm actually happy with this 'do because she was initially going for the scissors (the real ones)!

Ella also found a friend for Benjamin while we were playing around this afternoon.

Finally, I took the kids outside to play when Adam got home from work.  Ella was loving the snow, but it seems to be Harrison's turn to be unsure. 

Ella walked right into the backyard and sat down in the snow.

Then to my shock and amazement, she fell back and started making a snow angel!

Harrison ran right over to her and asked, "are you okay, Ella?"  LOL

After the snow angels, I took the kids for a ride down the sidewalk in the toboggan.  We didn't get too far, though, because those kids are heavy! 

Eventually, I had to go inside to feed Benny, so Adam came out to play with Ella (Harry came inside).  If you look closely, you can see Adam in action pulling Ella around on the sled.

Not quite the same as a kids' Christmas party, but still a fun day!

Thanks for reading :D

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