Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Fifteen

Day fifteen - finally - we set up and decorated our Christmas tree.  Of course, we had to rearrange our living room furniture and do a major clean up of the toys that were all over the place first.

Here's our tree - lookin' pretty nice.  I was a little nervous about the shape of it at was tied up when we got it, so all the branches were stuck pointing up.  Turns out you just have to push them down by hand and you get a normal looking tree.

Being our first real tree, we had to go out and get ourselves a tree stand.  I sent Adam out to the store to pick one up (1.5 weeks before Christmas - keep in mind), and all he could get was this gigantic commercial grade $67.00 tree stand...literally, it was the only one on the shelf at the second store he went to.  This baby will be with us for life.

Here is our pretty little tree all set up (no decorations yet)...

...and here is the picture of our tree that Ella photo-bombed ( I believe that's the correct terminology??) 

Every year Ella has a blast getting out the Christmas tree ornaments.  She prefers to line them up on the floor and play with them rather than hanging them on the tree!  Even days later I find ornaments all over the house that she has removed from the tree to play with.

We put the lights on first.   I think I got them on there evenly, but our fake tree had lights attached, so I really had no idea what I was doing!

After awhile, the kids got the hang of putting the ornaments on the tree, but we had to go around afterwards and spread them out a little.

Here are the little darlings with the completed tree...along with their new decorations Frosty, Snow monster, and baby Frosty.

And here is the picture of Benny that Harrison photo-bombed.  What is with these kids?  LOL.

Ella decided she should take a picture of Mommy and Daddy with the tree, so we let her try and this is what we ended up with...

We're still working on getting the star on our tree - it seems to be a little top heavy.  Hopefully we'll have one for Christmas eve!

Thanks for reading :D

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