Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Five

It turns out the flu wasn't done with our household.  It struck again last Thursday and threw our whole Christmas countdown out of order!  This time Adam, Ella and Benjamin were the victims.  Ella spent a couple days curled up on the couch... did Harrison.  He's still fighting a cough, but he was feeling much better by the time Ella got sick.  Our day 5 activity was going to be Christmas baking, but we had to put that on hold due to the sick kiddies.


 Instead, I dug down deep into the boxes of Christmas decorations (which are still not set up) and pulled out this gem...

It's a favourite around our house (I could probably recite the entire movie - not by choice).  Ella got it for her first Christmas, and it's still going strong!  The kids also got to watch a couple other Christmas movies that day - Rudolph, Frosty and of course Dora's Christmas. 

Benjamin didn't watch any movies, but he did a ton of sleeping and toy chewing.

Thanks for reading :D

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