Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Four

Day four turned out to be slightly less of a disaster than day three!  The activity for today was a craft, but we also planned to finish putting up those decorations.

In the morning, Nan helped Harrison make a Santa face using construction paper and marshmallows...and glue.  Harrison did a really good job gluing, he just had trouble putting the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks in what society would call the 'right places'. 

If you ask me, I think he was trying to get all the pieces on as quickly as possible so he could eat the left over marshmallows.  By the way - if you want to do a marshmallow craft, I would suggest making the trip out to the store to buy mini marshmallows rather than cutting up large ones into smaller pieces. 

During the marshmallow shenanigans, I dressed Benjamin up in a Santa suit for a few pictures.  I figure it might not fit him in three weeks, so we better get the pictures in now! 

While dinner was cooking, Harrison and Ella did another (slightly simpler) craft.  I cut out tree shapes and different coloured circles, and they glued them together to make Christmas trees.  Ella got a little carried away with her first tree.  She LOVES to cut paper up into the tiniest pieces possible...which is what she did to her first tree.  It's great for developing her fine motor skills, but not so great to have tiny pieces of paper all over the living room floor (my second greatest annoyance next to stickers in places they shouldn't be).



It turns out the decorating is going to be more of a month long ordeal instead of the day long event it used to be.  Tonight we managed to get a few more Christmas stuffies and books out before it was time for bed.  The kids got to choose places for all these beauties to go, and of course they choose the couch.

This little guy got to sit in Ella's chair while his 'sister' (same thing only in pink) got to sleep in Ella's bed because she was going to school for Show and Share.

And here lies the rest of the decorations (minus one tub) to be put up some day...hopefully before Christmas.

Thanks for reading :D

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