Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Nine

Ella was ecstatic this morning when she found out we would be decorating a gingerbread house after school.  I once tried to buy the gingerbread house kit that you build yourself - never again!  I like to buy the already assembled house which comes with candy and icing.  I bought some extra candy too (M&Ms) because the candy that comes with it isn't that great to snack on!

I assigned Ella and Harry each one side of the house as well as either the front or the back, and they each got a dish full of different candies.  After I piped the icing onto the house, they got straight to work.

After a few minutes, I realized Harrison was only eating the candy and not putting any of it on the gingerbread house.  That's when I stepped in to help.

Ella had a great time decorating her sides.  She filled every square inch of icing with candies.

Again - Harrison just wanted to eat them.  He wasn't as keen on putting the candies in the icing and insisted I help him.

I definitely used the self-timer for this photo...Adam was outside snow blowing the driveway and we just had to have a group shot!

At least I know who my main helper will be when we make gingerbread men cookies!  Check out the awesome candy coverage on Ella's side of the roof.

And here is our completed gingerbread house.  I tried to explain to the kids that we could eventually eat it, but Ella was horrified at the idea of eating the icing ( but it glues the candy on, Mom!).  For now, it'll have to remain our table's centre piece.

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