Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day One

I can't believe it's that time of the year again - time for the Advent Activities Calendar!  This is our third year doing the advent activities, however, this year I'm calling it the Christmas countdown.  In between Etsy orders, I managed to whip up these tiny felt stockings to use for our calendar this year.  Each one has a slip of paper inside with the day's activity.  The kids (Ella mostly) were so excited when they woke up this morning and saw the calendar hanging up. 

Today's activity was watching the Santa Claus parade.  We got to visit with some friends first, and then we ventured into the slushy snow to watch the parade.

Although you can't see him, Benjamin is in this picture too.  He's fast asleep in his car seat on the front step.  Amazingly he didn't wake up from all the sirens and commotion of the parade.


Ella  got to watch the parade with some friends down the street.  All the kids scored big-time in the candy cane department. 


The parade was pretty good - although not that entertaining for the kids.  The highlight was - of course - Santa at the end.  It was worth the 20 minute wait! 

Since the parade started at 1pm, Harrison got to skip his nap today.  Actually, he got to skip his nap both days this weekend which is why he looked like this at dinner time...

...Ella was also tired by dinner.
Benjamin, having had approximately 3 naps today was in great form at dinnertime.  It was his first night sitting in the high chair (he's usually napping while we're eating dinner), and he thought it was a real treat! 

The kids perked up a bit when the music came on after dinner - just enough for us to get them bathed and into bed without any further meltdowns.
I also wanted to share the photos from our trip to Uncle Marc and Jen's from last weekend.   We went down to watch the Streetsville Santa Claus parade which by the way is about 1 1/2 hours long.  Unfortunately, it was minus 15 last Sunday, so we didn't make it though the whole parade.

Adam and Benjamin relaxing after the long messy drive - we drove through a snow storm
Ella and Harrison enjoying an afternoon snack and colouring
This is how much stuff we needed to pack for an over night trip with 2 adults and 3 adults.
Benny and Ella relaxing on the cushion before bedtime
Harrison running around and using the arm of this chair as a 'slide' before bedtime.
It took awhile, but here they are fast asleep in Marc and Jen's guest room. 
The next morning at breakfast...we had to use a shot glass for Harrison's milk because someone forgot the sippy cups at home!
Happy to be at Uncle Marc's and Jen's!
On the way to the parade!
The stragglers
All bundled up waiting for the parade to lion was there too (on Harry's lap)

Me and Benjamin...he's been shoved into a too-big snow suit and then shoved into the front carrier...needless to say, you can't see his face.
Adam is trying to be so cool for this picture by not smiling.
We packed up the car and headed home Sunday afternoon after the parade.  Both kids were cold and exhausted, but of course neither fell asleep on the way.  They sure did talk, though.

And just before Barrie, we ran into this lovely weather. 

It was a great time!  I'm thinking we're done with Santa Claus parades now until next year...I've had my fill.

Until tomorrow...

Thanks for reading :D

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