Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Six

Day six of the countdown was very similar to day five, however, it included a trip to the emergency room (it's all good) and another marshmallow craft.  The day's activity was supposed to be going to the sleigh ride in the village which we have done for the last two years.  Unfortunately, we had to scrap it due to one long day and wind that was too cold for little baby Benjamin.
Like I mentioned, we threw in another marshmallow craft to keep them happy (don't worry Aunt Marg - no eating of the marshmallows this time!).  After the crafts were completed, they were promptly hung on the walls throughout our basement in preparation for the show Ella wanted to perform for us.

Ella set up most of her dolls and Christmas stuffies for the performance, and she had each of us find a seat as well.


In the end, her performance consisted of:  "Good evening boys and girls...", before she got side-tracked with another activity. 

Harrison finally got a chance to show Benjamin how these fancy Christmas characters work (they sing and dance in harmony), and  I think little Benny liked it! 

We ended our Friday evening not with a sleigh ride but with a story on the living room floor.  I think that was okay with this tired crew. 

Thanks for reading :D

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