Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Ten

Our activity for day ten was to paint some Christmas pictures.  This is an activity that Ella LOVES and Harrison is, apparently, scared to do. 


Ella mostly likes to blend together a bunch of colours on her paper, but I did help her paint an actual Christmas tree for one of her paintings.  Her favourite part of painting was when we busted out the sparkly paint.  Her most disappointing part of painting was when she realized there was no colour to the sparkly paint - only sparkles!

Harrison absolutely refused to do any finger painting.  I literally held onto his hands, pushed them into the paint and moved them around his paper for him.  He did a little bit better with the brushes, but he didn't want to do that by himself either.  He only lasted a few minutes with this activity.
As for Benjamin - he didn't quite get into the painting, but he did get to have his very first taste of rice cereal!


Judging by that fist in his mouth - he's ready for more!

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