Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Thirteen

Our activity  for today wasn't really Christmas - related, but it was something the kids have been waiting for, for awhile now.  They got to go and see Dora live!  How exciting - the only thing better than watching Dora on TV, is seeing her and her friends 'live'...and I write that without a trace of sarcasm.

Ella and Harrison have been counting down the sleeps until Dora for about a week - which was just enough time to build some anticipation.  All the way to the show, Harrison kept telling us he couldn't see the Dora show yet, and Ella kept asking if it had started without us.

Holding their tickets before we went inside!

When we got there, we found our seats and had a few snacks while we waited.  At the entrance, people were handing out pictures of stars for each of the kids.  I tried to get a picture of Harry with his, but he crumpled it up while he was completing ignoring me and paying attention to the people behind us. 

Ella was really getting excited here, hence the ridiculous face.

When the show finally started, both kids stayed planted in their seats with both eyes on the stage until the intermission.  It was pretty cute.


Harrison wasn't very happy with me taking his picture while he was trying to watch the show.

I'm not sure if Ella was more excited about the show, or the popcorn that Nan got for her... might have been the popcorn.

I have to say, the real excitement came after the intermission when Diego made a surprise appearance.  All the kids went crazy when he came out - Harrison and Ella could hardly contain themselves.  I even heard some parents saying, "I didn't know Diego was going to be here!"  Now that made me laugh out loud.

Harrison's favourite part:  Swiper the fox
Ella's favourite part:  Diego

Even though I didn't pay for the tickets, the show was definitely worth the money!  Thanks Nan!

Thanks for reading :D

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