Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Twelve

Our activity for day twelve (I'll get up to date one of these days!) was to do some baking.  I ended up having a chance to get some shopping done, so Harrison did this activity with Nan. 
He got his apron on and climbed up on his stool next to the counter all ready to help.  Nan's first instructions were for Harrison to put three eggs in the bowl - so he did...


...after Nan showed him how to crack the eggs, he was on his way to making some delicious peanut butter cookies.  He only dropped one egg on the counter!  It looks like Harry was a great helper with these cookies.  He smushed each one down with a fork (and then a cup which was a bit easier), and he put one chocolate chip on each cookie.

Apparently, Harrison got a little side-tracked at one point and made a caterpillar out of the cookie balls.

Here are the cookies all ready to go in the oven, and while they bake...

...Harrison gets a little snack!

When the cookies were finally ready, he got to try them out.  I tried them too, and they were delish!

I'm assuming he got to try these after his lunch. 

Nan set up her camera on the self-timer...classic Nan.

Later on, Ella, Benjamin and I went to pick up Harrison.  Harry's not happy about wearing the Santa hat, and Benji is getting smushed! 

We are going to need at least one more day of baking before Christmas...hopefully we can squeeze it in somewhere!

Thanks for reading :D

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