Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Twenty-Four

At last the countdown comes to an end.  Day twenty-four brings our annual Christmas eve dinner with Nan and Pops and Uncle Marc and Jenny.  I usually make something for dinner that is un-Christmasy (due to the many turkey dinners we have this time of year) followed by an over-the-top dessert.  This year we had pizza, wings and salad.  Due to the ridiculous amount of things I took on this Christmas season, the pizza and wings were both store bought.  LOL.  I laugh because this is something I usually refuse to do.

Here we all are (minus me, obviously) enjoying the dinner.

One of Ella's classmates gave everyone a little baggie of reindeer dust to sprinkle in the yard before bedtime (a lovely mixture of sparkles and oatmeal).  It was pretty cold out, so Uncle Marc sprinkled it in the front yard for us.

I managed to finish the kids' pyjamas the night before Christmas eve (minus Benjamin's due to a shortage of material and no pattern - he got a  matching bib).  They were pretty excited to put them on!

They were also starting to get a little crazy...

Right before bed, Ella and Harry hung their stockings...

...and set out a snack for Santa and the reindeer.  Then off to bed they went!

I'll save you the anticipation - Santa definitely made it to our house that night...a post for another day!

Thanks for reading and following along our Christmas countdown :D

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