Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Day Two

I'm thinking this is going to be the year Ella is totally into Christmas.  She practically begged me to look through all the stockings to see what activities we'll be doing this month AND she is so excited each day when she sees our Elf...Steve.

Day two of the Christmas countdown was all about writing letters to Santa and sending them off in the mail.  Ella got to make her letter at school last week, and today her class walked to the post office to put them in the mailbox.

Parents were invited, so I tagged along for the adventure...I also couldn't miss out on the photo op.'s!

I didn't get to see Ella's letter, but she informed me she drew pictures of each of the things she would like for Christmas.  Her list this year includes:

1.  A drum set
2.  A fireman's hat
3.  A bicycle for her kids (and by kids she means the Fisher Price little people)
4.  A bookshelf

A little clearer than last year's 'pink airplane', but still a funny little list. 

The post office has this cute little mailbox for kids to drop their Santa letters - they go straight to the North Pole! 

After Ella arrived back at school, I headed home and helped Harrison write his letter to Santa.  He dictated and I wrote...

He wants shapes, folks.  When we asked him what kind of shapes, he told me he wanted green and red shapes, and he told Adam he likes all the shapes. 

Here we are ready to head over to the post office.  I wasn't sure if he understood what we were doing, but when we arrived there, he asked me if Santa was inside. 

He was so excited to put his letter in the little mailbox, whether or not he understood what he was doing. 

The post office ladies both cheered for him when he finally got it in the slot (he was trying to put it in the wrong way for a few minutes).  After he gave them one last super hero pose, we went back home.

Mission complete!

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Kyle is all for Santa bringing Ella some drums!

  2. If you are looking for shapes - Lee Valley Tools has a great building blocks foam set. A lot of fun to build towers and run them over.

    Check out the website if you are interested:,104&p=52901


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