Monday, 6 January 2014

Cloud Dough for a Snowy Day

This is what we are dealing with today... it was only natural we had to find something crazy to do inside.  I've been meaning to make this for Harrison for awhile now, and today I got my chance!

Has anyone heard of (or made) this crazy stuff before??  I've only seen it on Pinterest.  If any of my Mom friends are using this stuff then they are all holding out on me!  :D

Cloud dough is basically a mixture of flour and baby oil in an 8:1 ratio.  It's super fast to make, (dump 8 cups of flour into a bin, make a mountain with a well, add 1 cup baby oil and mix up with your hands) and it provides hours of fun for the littles - in our case it provided 1.5 hours of fun.

I made ours in this green bin and put it on the ugly kitchen floor for Harry to play around.  It would have saved me a ton of clean up if I put a sheet underneath first...just sayin'.

The texture of this stuff is really neat and perfect for little hands.  If you add a bit more oil, it will pack together nicely - almost like play dough, but not really.  :D

It's very fluffy too, and it's great for cookie stamps or cutters.

I pulled out a ton of fun stuff for Harry to experiment with in his cloud dough...cups, fork, spoon, measuring cups, cookie cutters, fondant smoother, spatula...etc.

He had a blast, and he also made a gigantic mess.  This might be the kind of activity you want them to do in their underwear, or better yet do it outside in the summer...or even BETTER (if you're stuck inside during a blizzard) inside a kiddie pool.

 Harry really wanted me to get a picture of his mountain (a little hard to capture on the camera)...

...and his 'meat balls'.

Here's a close-up of those meat balls.

This were going great until he decided to taste the cloud dough.  Needless to say, it doesn't taste great.  He managed to get it all over his hair and face...

...and shirt, and pants, and socks...

...and the floor.

And while he was playing and I was feeding Benjamin, he peed in his pants in the middle of the cloud dough which was all over the floor.  So he ended up finishing his cloud dough-play in his underwear.

To make things even MORE entertaining this morning, I found Harry sitting in the Bumbo chair ON the couch.  He set this up while I was vacuuming up the cloud dough remnants from the kitchen floor.

Never a dull moment!

Thanks for reading :D

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