Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Grocery Store Game

Every Sunday morning (while Adam is at hockey) the kids and I look for something interesting to do.  One day back in the fall, I set up a very popular game of grocery store.  I had been meaning to get this going for quite some time, and I finally had my chance.  The kids were beside themselves with excitement over this activity.

You can set up your own game any way you want, but here's what we did:

1.  Pull out all of your play food and set it up around the room in sections similar to a grocery store (see above:  produce, baking/sweets, frozen/refrigerated, pasta, dairy, condiments [PB & J], bread)

2.  Set up an area for a cash register.  We are lucky enough to have a toy cash register, and I used Ella's toy hair dryer for the scanner.

3.  Find baskets, bags or toy shopping carts for the kids to collect their 'groceries'.

4.  Play!

Of course, you can't forget to make a sign so everyone knows they are in a grocery store.  Due to Ella's obsession with scissors, she had to cut our sign in half...apparently, it's supposed to be that way.

I started off as the cashier so I could get things rolling and show the kids what to do.  Ella took the shopping cart and Harry took a basket around the room and they each collected their 'groceries'.  Ella had a side game going where she decided to host a dinner party and she had to buy all the ingredients...classic Ella.


Eventually, Ella realized I was basically just sitting in the chair watching them play, so she asked to be the cashier.  I had to get up and go pick out some groceries.

Ella is kind of a bossy cashier. 

But it seems Harrison can hold his own against her.

At some point, I decided to include a magazine and book section in our store.  Harrison and I each bought a few books.



The BEST part about the grocery store game is that no matter how much you have in your shopping cart, these three magic coins will always be enough!

The key to this (and most other super fun activities) is to shut them down early and leave them wanting more.  Happy shopping!
Thanks for reading :D

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