Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ice Skating - Harry's First Attempt!

We were finally able to get Harrison out on skates this winter!  Last year he still really needed his nap everyday, and the year before he was a bit too small for skates!

He has seen several hockey games, so he sort of knew what he was in for...but I don't think he thought it would be so tricky.  We have one of those skating helpers...

...but we only have one, so the kids had to take turns.  They also have pilons at the arena, so Harry got to practice 'standing' on the ice with a pilon.

I haven't been out to watch them yet this year, but Pops or Grandma usually goes along to help out. 

I think Harrison will need quite a bit more practice, but apparently Ella is doing quite well!  She has even made it around the entire rink by herself (with the red tube thing).

Hopefully next year we can get Harry out a little more often to practice - and maybe  someday we can manage to make our very own skating rink in the backyard!

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