Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Cards - JK Style

Last month Ella brought home a list of the names of all the kids in her class, followed by a note asking students to write Valentine's cards for everyone.  Ideas for Valentines started flying around my head like crazy!  In case you haven't noticed from reading this blog, I'm a maker not a buyer...and that applies to Valentine's cards too. 

Here are some of the reasons I prefer to make things rather than buy them:
-it's a creative outlet
-it saves money
-it creates a sense of accomplishment
-often things are appreciated more by others when they're homemade
-things can be personalized

{Because I know how people can be sometimes, I should also note that I don't really care what others do - whether they're makers or buyers - I make because I like to do the work, not because I think it makes me better than you.}

That being said, we (obviously) made Valentine's cards for Ella's classmates. 

I think if I left the design process up to her, Ella would have drawn a picture for each and every student. I know her well enough to know this would have lasted for about three pictures before everything turned to crap.  Instead I dug out some adorable scrap - scrap booking paper (ha!) and cut out 30 hearts.  I also used some plain (but shimmery!) white card stock for the main part of the cards.

When Ella got home from school, she glued each of the hearts onto a card.  I think her gluing skills should be close to perfect by now.  

The next part was a bit tricky - deciding what to write in the cards.  My plan was to get a 'Happy Valentine's Day' Stamp (to keep things simple) and have Ella write her classmates' names plus her own name at the bottom.  Ella had other plans.  For the girls, she wanted to write:

 'To: ____, I love to play with you.  You are cute.  Happy Valentine's Day.  From:  Ella'

As cute as that would have been, I knew it wasn't going to happen unless we had started in December.  We decided on this instead:

She wanted a different message for the boys, but she wasn't sure what to write.  I suggested a simple (and to the point) 'Happy Valentine's Day'. 

Unfortunately, only about half the class will have cards that are completely hand written by Ella.  The rest of the class will have my writing :D  After about 3 days of writing cards, she decided she only wanted to write who the card was for and her own name at the bottom.  Fair enough - I'll remember that for next time! 
Ella did, however, choose each and every card for a specific classmate.  She looked closely at the designs of the hearts and decided who would like each design.  She was very thoughtful.

I'm happy to  say that Phase 1 of making Ella a crafter is well underway.

Thanks for reading :D

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