Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine's Day Crafts

On Friday the kids and I had a craft morning.  Ella wasn't feeling much like going to school, so she stayed home and helped decorate our fridge with these beautiful Valentine's Day pictures.  I, of course, got the ideas from Pinterest - along with plenty more we'll hopefully have time for!

We made heart caterpillars and 'I Love You To Pieces' collages.  Harry is still pretty disgusted by glue, so did the majority of his gluing.  If you go back up to the first photo (of his caterpillar), you could probably tell the exact moment he decided to do the gluing himself.

Ella, on the other hand, did both crafts entirely by herself...except for the cutting of the hearts (because I wanted them to look like hearts..lol).

I had this great idea to put some glue on a tray and let the kids use paint brushes to apply it.  It turns out that is not the best way to apply glue, and it's also a giant pain to clean up. 

Harrison was pretty eager to get down from the table once his crafts were finished, but Ella begged me to do more.  I think she could literally do crafts all day long.  Unfortunately, my craft supplies aren't as well stocked as I thought, so we couldn't do much from Pinterest.  Fortunately, Ella is content with drawing shapes and cutting them out, so she kept herself busy with that!

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