Friday, 28 March 2014

Benjamin at 7 Months

It's time for another Benjamin update.  This little guy is already 7 months old, and he's growing and changing like crazy everyday!  

The sitting up on his own thing is coming along.   He's good for a couple minutes before he reaches for something he wants and ends up on his belly.

Introducing new foods is still slow-going.  So far he has tried the following foods:
-sweet potatoes
At first I was trying to make the purees here and there, but I find I really have to get back to my old system of making a giant batch on Sunday (of 4 or 5 different foods) to use for the week.  This is the only guaranteed way I can find to make sure I keep giving him new foods.  I think next we're looking at green beans, turnip and peaches.  The doctors say to introduce veg before fruits, but I say - that's ridiculous!  Breast milk is far sweeter than fruit, and he still went for the cereal and veg! 

This boy still has no teeth, but continues to gnaw his hands, feet and pretty much any surface he can get his hands on...including my chin.  The teething process has been going on for EVER now, so any day those teeth want to come through we would all be grateful. 

No crawling yet, but Benny has starting getting his knees underneath himself.  Like I mentioned last month, he is still rolling around like crazy.  There's definitely no need for the play mat (he tears it down anyway!), but I try to keep it out so he has a defined play area - those other two kids are serious space hogs!

Ben has been waving his whole arm for the past month, but just today he really started bending his fingers for a proper wave.  His first useful skill for interacting with others! 

Right now our biggest challenge is that third nap of the day.  The challenge being that he doesn't want to take it, but he desperately needs the rest.  Currently he naps from about 9 - 10:30ish and 1 - 2:30ish.  He usually goes to bed around 6:30pm, so 4 hours is far too long for him to be awake in one stretch!  I can't keep taking him for a walk every afternoon to get him to nap for 30 minutes, so any suggestions are welcome.   

Aside from the 4pm - 6:30pm stretch of pure insanity, Benny is a sweet little guy and we sure are glad to have him around!  Especially because the other two are turning out to be a bit nuts.

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. OMG Benjamin is sooooo cute! I love his little 7 months T-shirt!



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