Thursday, 27 March 2014

Disney On Ice

I managed to save a surprise for Ella for our last day of March break - Disney on Ice tickets!  Ella LOVES both figure skating and Disney characters, so this was the perfect end to her break. 

We drove down to the 'big city' with one of Ella's BFs and her mom.  Even more exciting than the show (for the moms) was figuring out how to take the subway downtown by ourselves for the first time.  I'll save you the anticipation - we definitely made it!  Ella's first subway ride was pretty fun.   However, she was a little concerned that we weren't going to get off at the right stop, and she didn't think it went 'fast enough'.

At first I planned to bring both the kids, but after a lot of internal debate (ha...story of my life!), I decided not to bring many factors, not enough time to explain.  In the end, I'm sure glad I didn't bring him because the walk from the subway to the venue was killer.  He simply wouldn't have survived it (and by 'he', I mean 'I' because I would have had to carry him).

Here is Ella while we waited in line for the washroom at the intermission.  She is very excited after seeing some of the princesses on our walk. I pretty much had to include this gem of a picture.

After the show, Ella was pretty disappointed she couldn't go down to the ice and skate with the Disney characters.  She feels like she is quite the skater now that she has gone around the rink at home once without holding on to anything.  We have agreed to signing her up for figure skating next year, especially after we took her to the figure skating carnival here at home.  I think the appeal of figure skating is mostly due to the 'pretty skirts' they skaters wear.  In any case, I'm hoping at some point over the next few years there will be a new show called 'So You Think You Can Figure Skate'.

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