Monday, 24 March 2014

Ella and Harry go to the Toy Store

So we give our kids allowance.  I don't know what else to call it - allowance sounds ridiculous, but that's essentially what it is. 
I know I've mentioned this before last Christmas when we took Ella to buy something for the food bank with her 'charity' money.  Each week we give them money based on their ages (2 dollars and 4 dollars) then we help them divide it evenly into 4 jars.  {I say 'we' but really Adam does it all}  One of the jars is a 'spending money' jar, so they can use that money to buy anything they want (this is our attempt to teach them "the value of a dollar"...we'll see how that works out for us in a few years). 

Since they are only 2 and 4 years old, they've racked up a decent amount of coin in their spending jars.  We almost never bring them into the toy stores, so they don't really know what they're missing and they never ask us to buy them anything.    Over March break we let them bring some of their money to the toy store to pick out something they each wanted.  I had to give Harry one of my old wallets to keep his money in since he didn't have a wallet of his own, like Ella.

It ended up being a ridiculously stormy winter day, but we made the 30 plus minute drive to the only toy store that carried Harrison's precious 'rocket ship'.  This is a toy he has been talking about for awhile now.  He was absolutely certain that's what he was going to get, so I thought we better at least find a store that carried one!

The kids got another treat that day - lunch at McDonald's!  They didn't last too long in the play place - Ella was  a bit too nervous with the bazillion other kids running around, and Harry wasn't 'listening'. 

The kids wanted to play with their toys as soon as we got home.  Here is Harry 'zooming' his rocket ship around.  It's a pretty fast rocket - I couldn't even get a clear picture!  Ella chose some new baby bunnies to go with her Calico Critters baby tree house. 
We didn't have any meltdowns from having to hand over money to the cashier (like we did last time), so it seems some sort of message is getting through about what money is used for...or at least that's what I'm telling myself!
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  1. Teaching your children how to handle money from such an early age is a wonderful idea! Many difficult behaviors of teenagers come from lack of attention towards important aspects when they were little. The sooner they are taught valuable lessons, the better.


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