Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ella on Skis

Miss Ella received a very interesting Christmas gift this year - her very first pair of (cross country) skis. 

She's only been out on them once (maybe twice?) because it's been so cold and/or snowy, but her first time went pretty well.  She made it down the driveway and down part of the sidewalk.  We can't get in the backyard, so the driveway and sidewalk are her only options right now.  We haven't really been known to get out on the hiking trails, but maybe it's something we'll have to do soon (actually, no, that feels like more of a non-winter type activity).  Adam and I haven't skied in years, so we don't have much to offer in terms of skiing advice.  I'm not sure how much skill is involved in a four-year-old cross country skiing anyway.

In any case, it's pretty exciting to add another hobby to Ella's growing list.  I'm not one to push the kids into activities (aside from dance & piano...let's be honest), but it's still important to let them try everything, so they know what their interests actually are.  I can't wait to see what activities the kids really love and pursue as they get bigger.

Thanks for reading :D

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