Monday, 17 March 2014

Rainbow Collage Craft

Top of the morning to you!  :D  We hope everyone is having a lovely Saint Patrick's Day.  We decided to take on one more craft to celebrate.  Unfortunately, our craft ended before we could really tie it in to Saint Paddy's Day.  We ended up with a beautiful rainbow collage (it was supposed to have a pot of gold at the end...but playing with Calico Critters is much more exciting.

This rainbow collage was a great craft for Ella and I to work on together.  Ella got to do all the things she loves about crafting:  cutting and gluing. I merely drew the rainbow outline and helped glue on the pieces.  I love the way this picture turned out!  Right now we have it taped to our kitchen wall, but I think I'll get a frame to display it once we move to our new house. 

Collage pictures are the best way to use up scrap card stock or construction paper, and they give your little one some extra practise with scissors and glue.

I have a TON of scrap card stock which I can't bear to toss, so I plan to do several collages over the next few months.  Harrison has already requested to help with the next one.  That should be interesting, considering he won't put his hands anywhere near glue.  I guess it will be a good introduction to scissors!
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