Thursday, 13 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day Cork Craft

Last Sunday morning the kids were anxious to do a craft, so I dug out some paint and we got straight to work!  My plan was to start doing some St. Patrick's Day crafting.  I had recently seen some cool Shamrock stamps made using three corks tied together.  A few weeks ago I had to dump out 21 bottles of wine [insert screams and fainting], so I had plenty of corks to spare for this craft.

We decided to go with solid green paint and sparkly green paint.  I tried really hard, but I couldn't convince either child to make Shamrocks.  St. Patrick's Day basically means nothing to these two (let's be honest, it means nothing to me either!).  Harrison was particularly interested in dabbing a circle sponge brush over and over again in the same spot.  First with solid green, then with sparkly green.

Ella started off using the corks, but she too preferred the sponge brush...thank you Dollarama for those very clever circle sponge brushes!

I, on the other hand, devoted my entire page to making three and four-leaf clovers and let me tell you - I was not impressed.  This was a Pinterest flop.  I think you would be better off using single corks and dabbing them three times [which I eventually can tell which ones].  It looks like I was trying to paint a bunch of broccoli! 

The kids worked on this craft for a good chunk of the morning.  Eventually, Harrison even added paint to other areas of his paper!

My favourite, though, is Ella's signature painting - she fills the ENTIRE page with paint.  These are tricky to dry because there is usually paint all over the place (like the back of the paper) and it's so thick that I can't hang it up or all the paint will drip off.  She is quite the artist.

In any case, we now have more artwork to replace our Valentine's Day crafts on the fridge.  If you're looking for something to keep the kids occupied for an hour - set up some paints, foam brushes and corks and prepare to be amazed!

Thanks for reading :D

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