Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Do's and Dont's of Grocery Shopping with Three Kids

Over the March break, while Adam was doing some work around the house, I took all three kids with me grocery shopping.  It was quite an experience.  I usually do my shopping on Monday mornings with Harry and Ben or Sunday afternoons by myself.  I prefer the Sunday.

From my experience, I compiled a list which I call "The Do's and Don'ts of Grocery Shopping with Three Kids" which I would like to share today.  Please note, 'Three Kids' can be substituted with 'Two Kids', 'One kid' or 'Husbands'.  :D

  • Do bring yourself a strong coffee (for the love of god, don't forget that coffee)
  • Don't wear your winter jacket even though it's -25 degrees.  You'll heat up with all the lifting and chasing of children, so wear something light!
  • Do travel to the store on a road with several hills.  If nothing else, going up and down hills will make them happy.
  • Don't lose your {you know what} on them in the middle of the store.  It's embarrassing for everyone including the kids.  You're also less likely to end up with a tantrum if you're calm.
  • Do bring snacks (this is first day stuff).  Better yet, go to a store that gives out cookies at the bakery!

  • Do put as many of them into the shopping cart as you can. 
  • In addition to the previous comment, Don't FORCE them into the cart (this will cause a commotion).  Let them think it was their idea to ride in the cart (ie. it's easier to eat your snack when you're riding in the cart).
  • Do bring a list with pictures so they can see what you need to buy.  Let them alternate putting items in the cart
  • Don't give your attention to any people who stare or roll their eyes at you because you are doing any of the following:  moving too slowly, taking up too much room down an aisle, pushing a cart with a yelling/screaming child
  • Do set some ground rules before you go into the store.  Mine are no screaming and no running.  I say this before we go pretty much anywhere and it seems to work (sometimes).
  • Don't stress out over the small stuff.  So what if your child puts a bag of milk on top of a loaf of bread.  At least  they're helping, and when they're helping they're learning (right?).  Anyways, you can always swing back by the bakery later and swap it out for an unflattened loaf :D
  • Lastly, Do give your kids a little bit of credit.  I'm always nervous of activities like this where there are three against one (me being the 'one'), but in most cases the kids surprise me by listening and behaving much better than I anticipated. 
Of course, there are always the shopping trips where I feel like I need eight arms just to keep up with all the crap they are trying to pull off the shelves and put into our cart. 

I came home to find this posted on my Facebook feed:

How true.

Thanks for reading :D

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