Monday, 31 March 2014

We're On A Boat

I still have a giant folder of photos I haven't posted, and today I came across these beauties.  

Sometimes Ella and Harry like to pretend they are on a boat when they are at Nan's and Pops' house.  They get out a big box to sit in and they put it on top of a few pieces of foam .  I can't be sure about whether the mats are part of the boat, or the water.  It's anybody's guess, really.  This adventure wouldn't be complete without a couple of paddles...the edges of the foam mats (the most obvious choice, I suppose).

These are two creative kids.  Whenever there is a box in the house, there's sure to be hours of fun.  In fact, I could start a new series:  '1001 Ways to Use A Box for play'.

Thanks for reading :D

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