Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fools for Beginners

So we attempted a couple April Fools jokes today.  Nothing too intense, of course, but just right for the kids.  I decided to go with googly eyes on their lunches as well as jello for juice.
#1.  Jello for juice
Whoever came up with this prank is a true genius.  It's the perfect prank for little kids because they will actually think it's hilarious (right before they become upset that they're not really getting any juice...ha). 
Here's how the prank went down:
While the kids were eating breakfast, I asked them if they wanted a nice big glass of juice.  Both jaws dropped to the floor because juice is a rare item in our house.  It's usually saved for the weekend or birthday parties.  On top of that, I offered strawberry juice (I only ever buy apple and every once in awhile there's orange juice).  Harrison was quite excited at the idea of strawberry juice (there's such a  thing as strawberry juice?!), but Ella wasn't happy as evidenced by this picture...

...I guess she prefers the apple juice.  She wouldn't even try it (ha...jokes on me!).  Harrison, however, went right to work trying to suck that juice up through the straw.  After a few tries he scrunched his face up and took a good look inside the cup.  "Mom, it's not coming out!".  Adam and I both started laughing and I showed them it was really Jello inside.  Then we shouted April fools!  

 I did an amazing demonstration of tipping the cups upside down without anything falling out and they were pretty excited.  We even got a little smile out of Ella (probably because she realised she didn't have to drink the strawberry juice and there was a chance of apple to come).   I ended up caving and found a couple real juice boxes for them. 

#2.  Googly Eyed Lunches
I forgot to get a pic of Ella's lunch before she left, but it looked pretty much identical to Harry's.  I cut their sandwiches into dinosaur shapes and stuck a googly eye in each.  OK, so the dinosaur shapes aren't great...but in my defence I used sandwich cutters that are a tad too big for our bread slices.  Bread making companies and sandwich slicers should really get on the same page.

At first, Harrison gave me his standard response to everything, 'huh?'.  I had to remind him it was April fools and he didn't have to eat the googly eyes. 

Eventually, he thought it was funny.  I'll find out in about an hour if Ella a) still had the googly eyes in her sandwich by lunch time and b) if she thought it was funny.

That's about all we had going on for April fools jokes today. 

Thanks for reading :D

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