Friday, 20 June 2014

Benjamin at 8 Months

Welcome to two-months-ago when Benjamin turned 8 months old.  Needless to say, things have gotten a tad busy around here.  

Ben is getting much better at sitting up on his own.  Still no crawling by 8 months, but he will play on his tummy for awhile before he gets annoyed with all that having to hold his head up.  Why must being a baby be so hard?!

His head is still quite large (especially the forehead - see above), but I'm hoping he'll grow into it sometime in the next three to four years.

Brother and sister both insist on being in the pictures, but no one will give me a decent smile.  

Let's be honest, this post is all about the pictures because I have NO IDEA what else Ben was up to at 8 months.  We were just getting moved in to the new house - I can't keep track of all that yo!

I have a TON more to post about including our big move, Harry's 3rd birthday, Harry playing soccer, Ben at 9 months AND Ben at 10 months.  Poor Ben.

I'm committed to more frequent blogging now that summer is just about here - so stay tuned people!

Thanks for reading :D


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