Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Benjamin at 9 months

Nine months has brought along a couple of firsts for little Benjibenj.  He FINALLY had his first tooth come through (currently still waiting on the second a few days into his 11th month...I'm so over teething) - bottom - middle - left, if you're interested!  This one tooth has opened up a whole new world of solid foods that we have been waiting to try.  He is hardcore into puffs and cheerios now.  He also loves teeny tiny pieces of smushed fruit (one more tooth and maybe we could stop smushing them?).

At Ben's 9 month checkup we found out he had lost almost 2 pounds since his 6 month appointment (What?!  How does that even happen?), so we switched him to formula.  I say 'switched to formula'  as if it were no big deal, but the truth is it took Adam 3 1/2 days to force a bottle into his mouth.  It was a great May long weekend! 

Although it was pure aggravation getting Ben to take a bottle, it was worth it.  He seems more content now and he's definitely packing on the pounds. 

Benny's also starting to play with toys more (as opposed to the chewing and sucking on toys that he's done up to this point).  He loves the piano - maybe he'll be our musician?!

He also spends a ton of time in the playpen - mostly because I'm afraid of him getting trampled by the other two.  Ella was probably never in the playpen to play, and Harrison spent a fair bit of time in there.  After Benjamin is done with it, we will officially  have gotten our money's worth out of the darn thing.  [note:  the playpen he is in here is Nan's from when I was a baby...they definitely don't make them like this anymore!]

Sometimes, I even put all three of them in there just to get a minute to myself ; )

Ben is officially able to stay sitting up on his own without the risk of falling back - however, he still falls forward occasionally when he's reaching for a toy. 

Favourite food this month:  baked squash with apples and cinnamon/spaghetti

Favourite toy this month:  funny farm

Favourite activity this month:  bathing

Until next time!

Thanks for reading :D

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