Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Harrison's 3rd Birthday

On May 28th, Harrison turned three!  He had been counting down to his birthday for some time, and he couldn't quite believe it when the day finally came.  Although, he was a bit disappointed his birthday party wasn't until a few days later, I think he had a great day.  Ella asked (begged, more like) to stay home from school to help Harry celebrate.

We started off the day by having morning snacks on the new picnic table.  Ella had her hair styled beautifully for the occasion.

After Ben's morning nap, we went down the street to the park to play for awhile.  We didn't have our play-set put up yet, so we had been visiting the park on a daily basis. We ran into some of Harry's friends at the park, so he had some extra fun chasing the other kids around.

Nan came along for some birthday fun too.  We managed to get one semi-nice photo of Harry, Nan and Ella.  As soon as I picked up the camera, Ella went into full-on poser mode.

Harry got to choose his favourite food for lunch - bun.  We had our first outdoor picnic of the summer complete with bun, yogurt and delicious cupcakes to top it all off.

Benny is still a little unsure about eating lunch outdoors...

...or maybe he's a lot unsure.  He may also have been upset that he couldn't have a cupcake.

After the worlds longest day, Adam got home from work and Harry FINALLY got to open his birthday gifts.  He had been eyeing them up all day long.  Three-years-old seems to be the point in a child's life (our kids' anyway) where they are excited to open gifts and they start to understand what happens on a birthday. 

We gave him a robot (the one thing he asked for) which was awesome.  I found it on chapters online - it's a retro toy with NO batteries and it winds up to move.  I especially love how all the toys I had when I was a kid are now called 'retro'.  Sigh.

We also got him his 'very own computer game' (his words), otherwise known as his very own game for Ella's Leap Pad.  I suppose it's time to start calling it 'The Leap Pad' now that they both have games and are old enough to play. 

Finally, we got him a stuffed pig (his favourite animal).

After our pizza dinner, we sang Happy Birthday and Harry blew out the candles on this cupcake.

We decided to save the cake for the birthday party.  Harry would rather have a chocolate chip cookie anyways.

Possibly the highlight of this day.

Somehow, we managed to get a picture of all three kids together looking at the camera, although Benny looks a little shocked (?).

Here are some facts about Harry the three-year-old.

Height:  95 cm  (just over 3 feet?)
Weight:  32 lbs
Favourite food:  Bun
Favourite movie:  Cars
Favourite book:  Radiator Springs Road trip (a story about the crew from Cars) & Cars Look and Find book
Favourite toy(s):  Cars, Duplo Legos, any sports toys [soccer ball, baseball, golf]
Best Friends:  Ella, Carson, Riley
Sleeps with:  Baby Bear, Baby Lion and a night light
Bedtime:  8pm (if he's had a nap)
First organized sport:  Soccer
Favourite colour:  Blue
Favourite number:  0
Favourite letter:  o
Favourite shape:  circle

We had Harrison's birthday party the following Saturday at Nan's and Pops's house (due to the giant hole in our backyard...more on that in a later post).  I opted for a 'Paw Patrol' party (google it) because it has been Harry's favourite show for awhile now and I'm a little Cars'd out.

It was the usual deal - a few friends a family over for cake, gifts and playing.  Uncle Marc helped the kids play baseball for awhile, but for the most part they entertained themselves (um...FINALLY!!).

Harrison was pretty excited about getting a few more presents, but he was even more excited about getting to play with all of his friends (apparently Mom and Dad just aren't cutting it anymore).

I didn't get into too much Paw Patrol detail (you all know how I adore birthday parties based on children's TV shows or movies - recall the Dora party of 2012?), but here's a quick look at the party decor and cake/cupcakes.

The sun got in the way of my banner photo.  I basically just used the paw patrol colours and part of the logo (shield with a paw print).  It's much cuter than some of the lame kiddie shows.

Lucky for me there are 6 pups in the show (which divides nicely into the standard 24 cupcake recipe), so I printed off 4 pictures of each pup and glued them onto card stock.  Somehow I managed to have all the pups signature colours of card stock at home - so I didn't have to buy much for this party.  I used straws to stick them into the cupcakes because they were a little too heavy for toothpicks.  The cupcakes were chocolate fudge with peanut butter butter cream icing (Harry has PB & J sandwiches for lunch everyday, so it was only natural).  By the way, if you've never made chocolate cupcakes with PB icing before, you better go ahead and try that ASAP. 

The cake was as messy as ever - but it was so simple and less stressful than the ones I usually try to pull off.  I went with the show's colours again with a dog bone and paw print on the side.  I also attempted the shield on the side, but it looks ridiculous so there are no pictures!

It was a long-awaited birthday and party (thanks to Ella's constant reminders), but it was all worth it.  Harry had a great time.  Also, thank god that's over for another couple of months.

Thanks for reading :D

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