Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Day 2

Our activity today was writing letters to Santa.  I figured we better get on that one right away before Ella's school steals my thunder again!

Ella sat at her little table with some Christmas paper and markers (it could ONLY be green and red markers...jeez, how could I even consider any other options).  She already knew what she was going to ask for, and she composed the letter all by herself (she asked me for help to spell one word).

I read her list with the hope that she had added something new since the last time we discussed Santa (this will become clear soon).  No luck, Mom.  When I asked her to think hard if there was anything else she wanted to ask for from Santa, this is the look I got...

That was a no then.

In the meantime, Benjamin was busy lazing around on his all-time favourite stuffie, Winnie the Pooh.

Next in line was Harrison.  Harry's not exactly interested in sitting down and writing letters.  There are better things to do like running around with his jet pack getting 'pretend' bad guys.  I volunteered to write his letter for him, but he sat beside me and dictated.  He also included a fancy picture and traced(ish) his name at the bottom.  There are so many bad guys in our house that there was barely enough time for him to stand still and pose for this photo.

That brings me to Ben.  He outright refused to write or dictate his own letter.  This baby is giving us more trouble than we know how to handle!    I, again, volunteered to write his letter (can I get a Mother of the Year?).  When I wasn't looking, Ben got his hands on the markers and added his own personal touch to the letter. 

He even posed for me ;-)

And now for a break-down of the letters...

Ella's letter translated:   I want a laundry basket.  I want a friend for Stella, I love you.  from Ella.

 What you may not notice at first glance are the bullet points she added to the beginning of each line.  LOL.  I suppose in school they are learning to make lists? 

I need to address the pure hilarity of Ella asking for a laundry basket.  She came up with this all by herself last week when I asked her to take her clothes to the laundry basket in my room.  Apparently the walk from her room to my room is god-awful.  What better solution than to ask Santa for her very own laundry basket and eliminate the walking.  Should I start reading her the Wishbook for her bedtime story?  Her other item (a friend for Stella) is basically a second Stella doll.  Ella thinks there are friends that go with her Stella doll because there are different ones you can choose (ie. no hair, blonde, brunette). 

Harry's letter:

The 'Happy Santa' comment at the beginning of Harry's letter is 100% legit.  When I asked him what he wanted to write, that's exactly what he said (have we failed to explain Christmas in the last 3 years?).  Anyways, all the boy wants is a new sword.  Notice how I wrote 'new' indicating he already has one (three).  He has a slight Jake/Peter Pan/Robin Hood obsession right now.  He outright refused to anything else to his letter.

I was pleasantly surprised by his drawing of the sword.  His face was pure concentration while drawing, and he even added a little handle.  I should follow this up with a note about Harrison's (usual) lack of interest in drawing and/or colouring.  We're moving in the right direction...only 9 months to go until JK!

That brings me to Ben.  As I already mentioned, that baby barely contributed to his letter at all.  What does the baby whose siblings already have everything ask for?  A puzzle and a fire truck of course. 

We didn't get around to mailing them today.  Ella's still 'thinking' about whether or not she wants to add anything else to her list.  I'll be sure to keep you all updated.

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Sounds like Ella is jumping from J.K. right into doing laundry, job well done.


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