Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Day 5


Today we busted out the Christmas sensory bin!  It's always an exciting time, and it literally provides hours of independent play.  A treat for the kids and the mom ;)

Harry spent the most time digging around in the little bucket because Ella was at school, but Ella and Ben both had their turns.  As Ben resorted to eating the bells and beads, I had to cut him off. 

Harry started off searching for all the bells.  After the bells, he searched for all the 'characters' (erasers in the shape of Santa, reindeer, snowmen and snowflakes).  Lastly he dug out each and every coloured bead that was hidden in the rice.  He's pretty determined when it comes to searching for buried treasure - probably because he's so much like Jake (of Jake and the Neverland Pirates...).

One of his favourite activities was making a pattern with the beads he found.  We bent one end of a pipe cleaner (so they wouldn't fall off), and he strung beads in a nice little Christmasy pattern.  #proudmommamoment

I missed a picture of Ella with the bin, but I did manage to catch her with another fine Christmas sensory activity - the look and find book!  She didn't last long because it's a crazy hard one...even I couldn't find many of the items!

And then there's Ben...ho hum.  :D

As I mentioned, he had a turn with the sensory bin and was quite taken with the rice.  He dug his hands in and let the rice fall without me even sh9wing him.  We'll have to try again tomorrow and work on the 'eating problem'.

The bin will be out for the rest of the month because it's so popular and great for those snowy afternoons when you're trying anything and everything to avoid the TV. 

Thanks for reading :D

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