Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Day Four

Our activity for today was painting clay pots to look like snowmen.  I figure as the kids get older, it's time to step up the crafts - no more cotton ball snowmen for us! (until next year, or course, when it's something Ben can do!)

I saw this adorable craft last Christmas, so I pinned it to my Christmas board and here we are!

Any time painting is involved, things are sure to be exciting.  Ella painted the face on her snowman all by herself, but Harry needed a bit of 'guidance'.  I used old sweaters and ribbon to make the hats...and tomorrow I'll glue gun them on, but for now we're letting the paint dry!

This is the best group photo we could manage at time - it looks like Ben has other things on his mind!

Thanks for reading :D

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