Monday, 1 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Day One

We're back!  What better time to get back at the blog then the Christmas countdown - our favourite time of the year.  You can take a look at our previous years' activities if you so desire (you will need a few pots of coffee and a bazillion free hours).  Just click on the links below:

Without further delay (we're all busy, right?!), I bring you day one of our Advent activities.  The day started off with a bang when Ella busted out this 'Monday' outfit.  I try to influence her daily wardrobe, but I'm usually shut down...big time.  Today she chose her 'Blackhawks' headband (placed ever-so-carefully over her unbrushed hair), a white and navy striped t-shirt with a red sequined heart, grey leggings with multi-coloured hearts (none of which match the shirt or headband) and pink socks.  Awesome.  I feel the urge (daily) to send a note to her teachers explaining I had nothing to do with her outfit.  I'm trusting this goes without saying.

Onwards and our activity was putting up the Christmas decorations.  I was able to pull out all the breakable stuff while the boys were napping this afternoon, but I saved the fun decorations for when Ella got home from school.  We currently have four blue(ish) tubs full of decorations plus several large breakable decorations in their own individual boxes.  It doesn't look like much, but, eventually, we ran out of room to put things.

As I  suspected, the children would got completely wrapped up in the Christmas books and stuffies.  I ended up setting up all the decorations - definitely not a bad thing.  The abominable snowman that sings and rocks turned out to be the most entertainment these kids have had all year.  Poor kids.

They had fun looking through all the storybooks they haven't seen since last Christmas (that's right, we don't dare keep those babies on the shelves all year long).

Even Ben joined in looking through the books.  I didn't have the heart to tell him this one was upside-down...

Ben spent most of his time, however, getting me to press the play button on Abominable snowman.

We also found the Santa Claus Russian dolls - always exciting!  Ella and Harrison set them up as a family, and then lined them up under the coffee table.  It worked out well, actually, because I had no idea where else to put them!

At the end of the day, most of the decorations have found a home, except for this collection of light-up music makers.  It's a tricky task placing these fellas.  They need to be in the children's view (you know due to the lights and music), but out of the hands' reach.  Plus there are 8 of them.  I think this activity will end up taking me two or three days to complete.

If nothing else, it's beginning to look and feel a bit more like Christmas today!  We don't have plans to get our real tree for a couple more weeks, but our good-old wooden tree is all lit up.


 That brings us to the end of day one...and posted before midnight too!  I hope you'll follow along with our activities for the month.  Until tomorrow...

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Glad to see you again I missed reading your weekly activities

  2. Sure glad to see your back I missed this reading, and know your busy, quite looking for these and got an e-mail that you posted this, nice. G.G.K.


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