Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Day Six

Did you happen to see that creepy vehicle driving slowly around your neighbourhood and staring at your house tonight?  Well, that was us.  Only we aren't creepy and we were looking at your Christmas lights (or lack of!).  :D
So, we've never taken a Christmas light tour of the village before, and now that the kids are a bit bigger it seemed like the perfect time.  Everyone (the kids) got into their warmest jammies and piled into the van for a quick trip around town (20 minutes round-trip and we hit every street!). 


I must say, there are some very well lit houses around here.  There are also some fails.  Although I'm mostly kidding, I shouldn't say much on that end because I've put 0% effort into our outdoor Christmas lighting/décor. 

Here are the highlights of our tour:

-First place goes to the house on the highway going out of town towards HBC (oh big shocker there)

-Strong second place goes to a cute little house on the dead-end part of the Post-Office street.  For realz, you need to take a drive down there and see for yourself.  There are a bazillion lights, they flash, plus there is a wicked spotlight set up in the middle of the driveway shining on the garage door.  It's  a 'light party' according to Harrison.

-Third place goes to a large house on the court beside the high school

-Honourable mention goes to Great Grandma's and Great Poppa's house because all their lights are blue (awarded by Harrison - it was very exciting).

The kids loved the light tour almost as much as their visit to the coffee shop for a donut this afternoon.  We tried to follow a mental Christmas light scavenger hunt, but it was kind of a bust.  It was more fun to just shout out all the things we saw. This will definitely be a new Christmas tradition!

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Thank you Harrison, it will be better next year because we don't have anything out this year and I think you know why, check again next year when we put out our animated ones and rest.


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