Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Day Three

Today we made our first Christmas craft of the season - reindeer puppets!  I saw this craft a few months ago for Halloween (Monster puppets).  It uses wooden spoons which, as it turns out, are extremely difficult to find (unless you want to pay a bazillion dollars for one bamboo spoon).  I went to 4 dollar stores before I was able to find them and by that time it was the end of November.  So, we turned it into a Christmas craft.
This one took us awhile because we had to paint the top of the wooden spoon and then let it dry before we could do anything else.  Harry was in deep concentration during his painting session.  If you're using children's paint, you're going to want to do a few coats because it sucks right into the wood.  You also want to make sure it is as dry as dry can be, otherwise, the hot glue won't stick later on.

By the time we got a chance to finish the reindeer faces, it was after dinner.  The kids each picked out the colours of noses, antlers, ears and scarves they wanted for their reindeer (except Benny...I went ahead and chose his for him).  They also got to choose the size of googly eyes they wanted.  Googly eyes are hands-down one of my favourite craft supplies.  Here are some pics of the ridiculousness that went on while choosing reindeer parts...

Here is Harry with his finished product.  He was pretty adamant about the blue nose...still his favourite colour.  He also refused the standard brown ears I made, insisting he needed more puff balls on his reindeer.  If this picture tells me one thing, it's that Harry is in severe need of a haircut.

Ben was quite taken with his reindeer puppet.  Adam was lucky to pry it out of his hands at bedtime.  We tried to get a nice picture of Benny with his creation, but this is all we could manage.  By picture #4 he was getting a little irritated with me.
After the jammies were on and the hot glue was dry, the children wasted no time busting out an impromptu reindeer puppet performance of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  Classic.  Literally.  It happened the way most impromptu performances do.  1.  Harrison was 'on stage' (in this case, behind the table) watching us - watch the performance.  2.  Harrison decides to join in but has no idea what to do.  3.  Harrison figures it out just in time for the end.  


These new little friends seemed to be quite a hit with all three kids.  I can sense a few more puppet shows in our Christmas Countdown future.

 Thanks for reading :D

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  1. What a great idea . This will be a memory for the kids for years to come . I am sure they will look forward to finding the reindeer every year when the decorations are brought out next year.


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