Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Countdown 2014: Days 12, 13, 14 and 16 through 23

Howdy!  It looks like I'll be posting the rest of our advent activities before Christmas after all ;)  Here's a recap of what we've been up to...I call it Christmas countdown roundup - in pictures with a few words added in.

Day 12 ~ Sleigh ride in the village

...plus a sleepover in Harry's room.

Day 13 ~ Parent's day at dance class AND hot chocolate and Christmas movies


Day 14

This afternoon Ella and Harrison went with their Grandma to a kids' Christmas party.  Ben and I went grocery shopping, so there are no pics.  The kids did, however, come home with loads of Christmas artwork and tree ornaments.

Day 16 ~ Homemade Christmas tree ornaments

Day 17 ~ Ella's school Christmas concert

Day 18 ~ Shopping to pick out food for the foodbank...I did this myself because the kids were sick :(

Day 19 ~ The initial plan was to build snowmen and go toboganning, but due to the rapidly melting snow we made some more Christmas crafts - foam train and cupcake house!

Day 20 ~ Visit to the tree farm for a scavenger hunt and to pick out (and cut down) our Christmas tree.

Loving the mini hill and all the animals...

Not impressed...

We all just stood back and watched while Dad brought the tree back to the van...

Day 21 ~ Setting up our tree & Adam's family Christmas party.  Adam ended up taking the boys while I stayed home with a still sick Ella...therefore there are no pictures from the party.  We do have a couple pics of our tree which turned out to be MUCH bigger than we thought it was before bringing it in the house.  We had to take it down and scale it back a bit.

Ben LOVES our million dollar tree stand...

Terrible pictures, but all I could manage while someone was tugging on my arm and legs...

Day 22 ~ Santa picture!...yes, those are my legs.

Day 23 ~ Playdate with our friend Claire...no pictures...today I was just lazy.  I will say, the costumes those girls (and Harrison) came up with today were worth their own blog post.

There we have it...all caught up.  I'm not sure what I was thinking trying to write a post for each day of December.  LOL.  Happy Christmas eve eve!

Thanks for reading :D

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