Friday, 27 July 2012

Time For A Craft: Crayon Holder!

Well, it's about time for a post about a craft!  I made today's craft awhile ago, but I'm just getting around to sharing it now.   For Christmas, we bought Ella this cute little 3-in-1 easel.  It has a dry erase/magnetic board on one side and a chalk board on the other side. 

 At the time,  I wasn't too keen on giving Ella dry erase markers (although now it's all she will use!).  I managed to find these awesome dry erase crayons (by Crayola - who else).  They work pretty well on the board, but they take a bit of effort to erase...Ella definitely needs my help for the erasing part.  They also come with a handy dandy dry erase cloth.

 The easel also came with a pile of magnetic letters which Ella (and Harrison) love to play with on the magnetic board.

Here's the problem.  We keep the crayons and magnetic letters in the easel so Ella can get them whenever she wants to use them.  Unfortunately, the letters are small...I'm talking the perfect size for the mouth of a one-year-old...and the crayons look (although we all know they don't taste) delicious.  Basically, Harrison likes to eat both the crayons and letters as well as throw them all over the floor.  Not so fun for me.

I pinned this neat crayon organizer on Pinterest a while back, so I decided to make one for the crayons and finally keep those chubby little baby (ahem - toddler) boy hands off!  The original Pin came from an adorable blog called Skip To My Lou which you should check out.  Also, hers is WAY nicer than mine.  My crayon holder is the 'rushed/whatever fabric you can find' version.  

I used some scrap blue and brown material I found lying around.  The brown is leftover from the dish cloths I made back in Part 1 of my This from That Series.  The blue is leftover from the applique I made for Harrison's first birthday onesie.

To make the back (using brown) I sewed two rectangles together, turned them inside out and then top stitched around the perimeter.  Notice the white thread?  That's because I am, yet again, too lazy to change the thread in my sewing machine.  

The is a picture of the finished product - hence the white stitch marks showing the crayon pockets.

For the front (in blue), I pinned down a seam around the perimeter then pinned it to the front of the brown piece.  First I sewed the blue piece onto the brown around the outside and then I sewed lines to make pockets for each of the 8 crayons and a larger pocket for the cloth.  Did you get all that?  

Then I filled it with crayons...

...and rolled it up!

The nicer crayon holder I was inspired by (on Pinterest) has a cute little tie and squiggly trim.  I sometimes use a ribbon, but Ella can't re-tie the ribbon.  I was also thinking of putting some Velcro on there, but for now it seems to work fine.  Ella also thinks it's her 'wallet', so that's pretty funny.

It fits nicely in the ledge under the dry erase board...

...right beside that mess of magnetic letters.  I'll have to do something about those next!

Thanks for reading :D

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